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Decoration Privileges

Spring, Summer & Fall Decorating Period
April 16th to October 14th

  Vases — permanently installed and cemetery-approved vases are permissible at any occupied grave. Other vase placement must meet the approval of the superintendent. Decorations must be placed in the vase. At FLUSH MARKERS, a vase is the only decoration option. No other decorations, except flags or flag standards, may be placed in or on the ground. Vases must be turned down during cleaning and winter decorating periods. If vases are not turned down, cemetery personnel will do so. We will not turn vases up, however.
  Annual and perennial floral plantings — permitted only at RAISED MARKERS extending a maximum of 12-inches from the marker on the front and two sides. During the Fall Cleaning Period, all plantings will be trimmed flush to the ground.
  American Flags alone or American flags in standards may be placed at any grave, as close as possible to the marker, from May 1st until July 15th. Nothing else may be placed in or on the ground. Smaller American Flags may also be placed in crypt or niches vases these same days.

Winter Decorating Period
November 16th to March 14th

  Wreaths, crosses or other decorations are allowed at any grave on an approved stand at least 24-inches high; a tripod is best for stability. Vases must be turned down all winter.

Other Decorating Regulations

  Bushes and trees may be planted only with the prior approval of the cemetery superintendent.
  Edging, fencing, curbing, special stones and the like are not allowed.
  Wooden crosses no taller than 18–inches are allowed to temporarily mark a new grave with the approval of the superintendent. When a permanent grave marker is placed, the wooden cross is removed. We will provide such a cross when a marker is ordered through the Catholic Cemeteries.

Mausoleum Cleaning & Decoration Privileges

  In order to maintain consistency and beauty throughout the mausoleum areas, as well as abstain from day- to-day subjective memorialization approval, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee has developed placement standards and only allows crypt and niche memorialization (including flowers and lettering) that are obtained for use through the offices of the Catholic Cemeteries.
  Violations will be corrected on a daily basis.

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