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Mount Olivet Cemetery & Mausoleum

3801 West Morgan Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53221
414 645 0611 / voice
414 645 1901 / fax
See below for street map of Mount Olivet Cemetery area.

Established in 1907
Grounds cover 70 acres; about 26,000 buried in graves; 7,500 crypts and niches

The Garden of Gethsemane on Mount Olivet, located outside the city of Jerusalem, designates the place where Jesus prayed to the Father while anticipating His imminent passion and death. When the time came, He was prepared. How important it is for us to pray and prepare for our funeral and final resting place while anticipating our final union with the Father for all eternity.

Mount Olivet Ground Spaces plot map [Acrobat PDF File: 260KB]
Mount Olivet Chapel of Angels Mausoleum map [Acrobat PDF File: 215KB]
Mount Olivet Garden Mausoleum map [Acrobat PDF File: 250KB]
Mount Olivet Mausoleum/Office map [Acrobat PDF File: 247KB]

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