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Spiritual Guidance

A New Beginning
The place and manner of each death is so unique, so variable and often brings a sense of bewilderment, loss and uncertainty, even despair. Dealing with death takes time and focused attention to issues of loss and sadness. In walking this journey, we can experience the deeper meaning of life in faith. Death is natural. Our faith in the Risen Christ proclaims death is not an end, but a new beginning. Our Spiritual Director, as well as our Family Service Counselors will walk with you through the shadow of death to the brilliant hope of the Resurrection.

Our Spiritual Director
We have a full-time priest on staff; his ministry is to ensure that the Catholic cemetery is a significant source of spiritual and pastoral care. Through his symbolic presence of the Church, our Chaplain reassures the grieving and offers guidance and counsel from an ordained man of God. Beyond his counsel, he helps our Christian Faithful recognize the resources available to them, including their parishes and/or the cemetery's grief education services, as essential sources to reconcile their grief. This outreach extends itself especially to the "un-churched," who seldom, if ever, see a priest at a time when his presence is most needed.

A Spiritual Treasury
We now offer through a huge compilation of spiritual and inspirational texts of various origins and lengths. We know that many people visit our web site with troubled hearts, with uncertain wills, with sapped strength, with confused minds, with sad souls. Perhaps, just perhaps, there will emerge in this section the particular Word of God or the word of a spiritual teacher that will be just the impetus to growth, healing and hope.

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