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Grief Education
Monica's Story

"My son unexpectedly died last Wednesday, and I have not cried once since. What's wrong with me?"

Monica, a proud and loving mother was stooped over with the weight of her grief.

By listening to Monica talk about the way in which her son's life ended, our Director of Grief Education Services, Patrick V. Dean, MEd., was able to help her see that her short-term inability to cry was normal and that the sudden death of her son was abnormal.

Through gentle support and guidance, Patrick was able to help Monica acknowledge the pain of her loss, understand the normalcy of her traumatic response preceding grief, and free herself from the burden she was carrying.

Our Grief Education Services and Programs provide Monica and others like her with crisis intervention and follow-up grief support after the death of a loved one.

This FREE service provides comfort, support, and education about the grief process to our Christian faithful in their time of need.

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