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Burial Options

Our faith in the Resurrection of Christ does not prevent physical death. We need to live well and give consideration to the manner and location of burial.

The risk taken by Joseph of Arimathea to claim the body of Jesus after his death on the cross shows the respect Christians have for the human body. God not only created us in the fullness of our humanity, but also sent his Son to take on our body and our nature.

Being in the image and likeness of God makes our bodies innately honorable. Look as well at the elaborate efforts, again risking arrest and death, of the Christians living in persecuting Rome. They worshipped underground and buried their dead in catacombs.

The Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee offer a variety of burial options within our eight Cemeteries and seven mausoleums. While respecting your preferences — personal, familial, emotional, financial and spiritual — we will guide you with full, unhurried, in-depth disclosure so you can make prudent and informed choices.

Regardless of the burial option chosen, it is important to understand that the Catholic Cemeteries are not selling real estate. Actually, a purchaser is acquiring rights to burial space, assuming complete control over all immediate and future burial decisions. The space is continuously owned and maintained by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, providing firm, long-term stability. Contracts, supporting paperwork and policy establish ownership and control of these rights, even through changing generations of family.

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