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Express Your Faith, Grief, Reconciliation and Love

Someone you love has died. The void is painful, the finality heart wrenching. You move through weeks, months, even years feeling alone, tired and scared. There are times of falling back…times of gaining ground. And, the journey is uniquely yours.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries recognizes the need to support the various physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our community of mourners as they progress through their Journey of Grief. This support includes our Memorialization Program, which can be an avenue to express your faith, grief, reconciliation and love. Personalized products of remembrance such as markers and monuments, cremation urns, flower vases, eternal lights, photo ceramics, granite etchings done either by laser or diamond tip and bronze emblems can say so much in loving memory and lasting tribute about a beloved who has died.

Our specially-trained Family Service Counselors will provide grief support while guiding you toward memorialization decisions that respectfully reflect your loved one and your feelings. That memorialization chosen becomes much more than a decoration — it becomes a meaningful and unique symbol that bonds you and your loved one.

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Introduction to Memorialization Eternal Lights
Cremation Urns Photo Ceramics
Markers & Monuments Bronze Emblems
Flower Vases & Florals Our Memorialization Standards

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