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The Paschal Mystery of Christ's dying and rising is our prime concern. From the administrative to the labor staffs, the personnel of these Catholic Cemeteries understand and are dedicated to the respectful care of the People of God, who, even in death, remain part of the Christian community. The Catholic Cemeteries offer our concern as a ministry of consolation.

Out of concern for those we serve and will serve, Archdiocesan Cemeteries are administered in prudent ways. Balancing ministry and business, we offer a variety of burial options, services and products that honor our dead and assure the lasting spiritual presence of the Cemeteries without imposing an unrealistic financial burden on the living. Because of our religious orientation, comparable products and services are often available at some savings. Any excess funds from the operation of the Catholic Cemeteries are utilized by the Archdiocese for the ministry needs of the wider church, both locally and beyond.

Assured Heritage
The Archdiocesan Catholic Cemeteries fulfill a sacred trust to those who have died and will continue to preserve and maintain our place for generations to come. We maintain adequate care funds that far exceed simple endowment and guarantee perpetual upkeep.

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TOGETHER — Your Catholic Cemeteries:
A Ministry of Consolation Since 1857

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