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The Least Among Us

We welcome the opportunity to minister to those deceased who have no funds or family to care for them in death.
— The Catholic Cemetery: A Vision for the Millennium
[National Catholic Cemetery Conference, Des Plaines IL, 1997, page 41]

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries strive to put into action the teaching of Christ and the tradition of our Church. We, as disciples, are obliged to take note of and assist the poor and needy. The poor demand dignity in death, even if it was seldom theirs in life.

Our philosophy and policy include a preferential option for the poor and needy with total or partial assistance available upon request to Cemetery Administration. The assistance may include a grave, burial service and/or a memorial marker. At times this assistance is provided in conjunction with local government.

In association with four Catholic hospitals in southeastern Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries provides burial services at no charge for pre-born children 20 weeks or less in gestation.Click here to read about the Charitable Burial of Pre-Born Children.

No one will ever be turned away because of true financial need.

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A Delicate Balance
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