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Memorial Masses for the Deceased on Saturdays
Mass Schedule for Regular Memorial Masses at Cemetery Chapels
Rotating schedule for six different cemeteries.

2014 Memorial Day Masses
May 26, 2014 at 10 am

An annual commemoration...a time for visitation, remembrance, honor and gratitude

the Common Ground of Grief
Schedule here.

Conversations with Patrick Dean —
Topical Grief Presentations and Open Support Group Meetings at San Camillo (10200 West Bluemound, Wauwatosa).
Please are invited. It's relevant and free and open to all of any faith experiencing a loss of any relationship.

US Flags in our Cemeteries
US Flags & Flag Standards Must Be Removed by July 15.
Flags can be at gravesites only between May 1 and July 15 each year.

Items of Interest
In Memory of Dennis M. Swenor, Mausoleum Accountant / 1946-2004
We miss him.

In Memory of José Berrios, Foreman at St. Adalbert's / 1964-2004
We miss him.

Keeping Some Perspective!! So Many Souls!!
Some comparisons about how many people are in our cemeteries.

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