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On Thursday, July 29, 2004, the Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee launched a redesigned web site.

After a long period of discussion and revision, the site was given a lighter, brighter look with quicker page loading and easier navigating, while retaining and maintaining the features and content that have made it so popular since its initial launch back on September 14, 2001.

Most people hone right in on the interactive, live search of our database of nearly 450,000 burials, but there is so much more available:
— help with making choices among various Burial Options,
— information about the services we offer in Grief Education, Service Counseling and Spiritual Guidance
— encouragement to contact us and visit with maps to our cemeteries and maps to individual burial sites.

Some of the new features:
~~ There are many more navigation choices on the Home Page with more flexibility in changing them.

~~ The on-line, interactive Genealogy Search (our most popular feature) is enhanced with over 20 maps of all the grounds and the mausoleums within our eight cemeteries. [These maps require Adobe Acrobat, which is easily obtained through a short download.]

~~ A new Self-Guided Tour of Historic Calvary Cemetery is available on-line. Those interested in the more prominent Milwaukee Catholics buried at our oldest cemetery can get this 39-stop tour booklet and map. The booklet is the idea and work of one of our Family Service Counselors, Randy Chasco. Contact Randy with any comments, additions or corrections.

~~ Excerpts from our popular Memory Books are now respectfully and anonymously published. These books are placed in the corridors and chapels of our mausoleums. Family and friends will write to and about their loved ones. Instead of keeping these powerful and poignant thoughts, memories and prayers private, we decided to begin publishing them here to help, inform and inspire others journeying along in life, perhaps dealing with their own loss and grief.

~~ A Glossary of terms associated with death and dying, with cemeteries and funeral homes, with Catholic prayer and liturgy is now accessible anywhere within the site.

~~ A Spiritual Treasury of sayings, Scripture quotations, prayers, lists, longer passages from a variety of sources is now available on this site.

~~ Soon to appear will be in-depth and supportive Advance Planning Materials that you can print or bookmark in making arrangements for a funeral and burial.

~~ Also to soon re-appear is our Art Tour. We are changing the way the pictures are organized and presented, so watch for that return to

Please comment on our new look, especially if you have already visited us during the old look. We'd like to know what you think. Click here to send us an email.

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