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Grief Education
Grief Book List
All of the following books are available for use from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries Resource Library located at each cemetery location. Click here for specific cemetery address information.

Resource Library Only
The Dead Bird
by Margaret Wise Brown

Children find a bird that has died in the forest. They decide to give it a funeral and send the creature on to its final rest.


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Transcending Loss
by Ashley Davis Prend, A.C.S.W.

A book about love and hope, and about finding a new relationship based on memory, spirit and love.

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No Time For Goodbyes
by Janice Harris Lord

Gives hope and suggestions to survivors grieving for a loved one killed.


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A Grief Observed
by C.S. Lewis

A journal by the author written upon the death of his wife. It is a story of rediscovered faith.

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Remembering With Love
by Elizabeth Levang, Ph. D.
& Sherokee Ilse

Over 300 short works that offer compassion, comfort and guidance.


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The Journey Through Grief
by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph. D.

This book illustrates the six needs that all mourners must yield to - indeed embrace - if they are to go on to find continued meaning in life and living.

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Children Are Survivors Too
by Kathleen A. Aub, M. Ed.

A guidebook for young homicide survivors.

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The Goodbye Boat
by Mary Joslin

This book explores the pain and grief of saying goodbye to someone you love.

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After The Death Of A Child
by Ann K. Finkbeiner

An examination of the continued love parents feel for their child and the many ways they preserve the bond.

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The Seasons Of Change
by Carol L. McClelland, Ph. D.

Practical tools for modern life's greatest challenge change.

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The Fall Of Freddie The Leaf
by Leo Buscaglia, Ph. D.

An inspiring allegory illustrating the delicate balance between life and death.

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When Someone You Know Has Been Killed
by Jay Schleifer

A guidebook for the tragedy of homicide and how to find healing.

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How It Feels When A Parent Dies
by Jill Krementz

Children's experiences of the death of a parent.

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