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Blessed are they who mourn; they shall be consoled.
— Matthew 5:3

Someone you love has died. The void is painful, the finality heart wrenching. Even with people all around, you feel confused and alone. Making cemetery and funeral arrangements is necessary but so burdensome. At such a difficult time, with so much on your mind — will you do the right thing? make the right decision? leave anything undone?


Family Service Counselors
Our Family Service Counselors are a phone call away after a sudden tragedy, in anticipation of a loss in your family and, of course, for advance burial planning.

Thus, as a requirement for employment with the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries, every Family Service Counselor must successfully complete a rigorous training course covering the fundamentals of grief, as well as possess a thorough understanding of Christian burial practices. Additionally, many of our Family Service Counselors participate in continuing education programs to understand grief and trauma better. Click here to learn more about our Family Service Counselors.

Follow-Up Grief Support
Someone you love has died. The void is painful, the finality heart wrenching. You move through weeks, months, even years often feeling alone, tired and scared. There are times of falling back…times of gaining ground. And, the journey is uniquely yours.

Our Director of Grief Education Services, as well as our Family Service Counselors, are prepared to assist you in your journey of grief by providing our Christian Faithful with crisis intervention and follow-up grief support following the death of a loved one. Please click here to learn more about Grief Education.

Spiritual Guidance
The place and manner of each death is so unique, so variable and often brings a sense of bewilderment, loss and uncertainty, even despair. Dealing with death takes time and focused attention to issues of loss and sadness. In walking this journey, we can experience the deeper meaning of life in faith. Death is natural. Our faith in the Risen Christ proclaims death is not an end, but a new beginning. Our Spiritual Director, as well as our Family Service Counselors will walk with you through the shadow of death to the brilliant hope of the Resurrection. Please click here to learn more about Spiritual Guidance.

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