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Grief Education
A Better Understanding

Grief ~
The normal, natural and necessary inner experience of loss. The space God gives us to feel feelings of loss and separation.

Mourning ~
The external expression of grief — grief gone public.

Trauma ~
An abnormal event causing profound feelings of fear, anger, and devastation.

NPTS (Normal Post-Traumatic Stress) ~
A collection of experiences, (e.g. nightmares, flashbacks, etc.) which normally can follow the event of trauma.

Thanatology ~
The study of death and dying.

Companioning ~
The role of support people walking alongside the bereaved.

Reconciliation ~
The process of learning to live with our losses.

Grief Journey ~
Grief is a process, not an event. Your grief will likely take longer than you expect and more energy than you can imagine.

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