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Niches: Cremation & Inurnment
Catholic Cemetery Principles
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Burial Options: Cremation & The Catholic Church
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The Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries subscribes to the following principles for disposition of cremated remains and has enacted these specific regulations —
The following placement regulations and general policies insure that cremated remains are buried or entombed in a place that provides for distinguished and adequate memorialization of the deceased —
  Two cremation urns can be placed in a full-sized grave, in a companion niche, or in a crypt
  One cremation urn can be placed in a niche or in a partial-sized grave
  We do not place an urn in a crypt or grave already occupied by a casket burial
  We do not recommend the placement of an urn inside a casket
  We do not place urns on top of an existing burial
  We do not place urns in any space not designated or consecrated as burial space
  A cremation vault is required for all in-ground urn burials
  A completed Burial Rights Assignment Form is the best way for an original owner (a married couple exercises joint ownership) or their heirs to clearly define whether a burial space will be used for full-body burial or cremated remains, and by whom. This Form can be completed with no charge by contacting the appropriate Cemetery Office. This work can be done by mail too.

We have eight different cemeteries each with many niche locations and options, you can inquire about niche inurnment or initiate a purchase of a niche by calling or visiting any of our cemeteries to talk with a Family Service Counselor. You can request more information here. However you approach us, we wish to make a full disclosure of all your options and their costs.

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