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Niches: Cremation & Inurnment
Cremation & The Order of Christian Funerals
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Burial Options: Cremation & The Catholic Church
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When cremation is chosen, there are choices pertaining to the Order of Christian Funerals.

If the cremation and the final placement must precede the funeral rites —
This may result when burial occurs in a remote location. An un-recovered body and a body donated to science present similar cases. In these situations, a memorial gathering, often with full celebration of the Mass following a time of visitation, may be planned for family and friends to honor the deceased and to strengthen the living.
If the cremation is done after the funeral liturgy —
The Church prefers delaying the cremation until after the Mass of Christian Burial. Accomplish this by renting a casket with a removable liner for the Vigil and Funeral Mass. This allows the presence of the body and all the power it conveys. The mourners might even be able to journey with the body to the crematory. In any event, there should be a gathering after the cremation for the Rite of Committal when the cremated remains are placed in a cemetery or mausoleum. The cremation by itself, in the eyes of the Church, is not adequate final disposition of the body of a believer.
If the cremation is done before the funeral liturgy —

Sometimes a cremation cannot be delayed until the funeral rites have been celebrated. All the rites of the Order of Christian Funerals can still be celebrated accordingly. Cremated remains in a worthy vessel are to be treated with respect and dignity because they are the remains of a human person. While a picture of the deceased may be used during the visitation and Vigil, it is not appropriate during the Funeral Mass when the remains are placed in the sanctuary; much like a casket is closed during a Funeral Mass. Holy water and incense may be used to reverence the remains and the Easter candle burns nearby.

We have eight different cemeteries each with many niche locations and options, you can inquire about niche inurnment or initiate a purchase of a niche by calling or visiting any of our cemeteries to talk with a Family Service Counselor. You can request more information here. However you approach us, we wish to make a full disclosure of all your options and their costs.

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