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Crypts: Entombment
Crypt Configurations Illustrated

Behind the mausoleum wall, there are several types of crypt that may not be apparent to the average visitor. All crypts have two fronts: a functional front that is caulked shut and a decorative front made of granite for outside crypts and of marble for inside crypts. The decorative front may move a bit when pushed on. All lettering is included in the purchase price which includes names and year of birth and year of death. Further memorialization is optional and extra, at the choice of the purchaser or another family member or friend.

Single Crypt ^^^
One full-body burial or two cremations
True Companion Crypt ^^^
Two full-body burials or four cremations
Deluxe Companion Crypt ^^^
Two full body-burials or four cremations
Single crypt with abbey ^^^
Two full-body burials or four cremations
True Companion crypt with abbey ^^^
Four full-body burials or six cremations

We have eight different cemeteries each with many crypt locations and options, you can inquire about mausoleum entombment or initiate a purchase of a crypt by calling or visiting any of our cemeteries to talk with a Family Service Counselor. You can request more information here. However you approach us, we wish to make a full disclosure of all your options and their costs.

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Crypt Configurations Crypt Configurations Illustrated

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