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Graves: Interment
Grave Configurations

Grave Configurations
In choosing in-ground burial, we offer grave spaces in single, double, triple and even larger family lots. Small partial graves are also available for infants or cremated remains. Availability varies from cemetery to cemetery.
Burial Regulations are —
  • One full body burial per grave space
  • Two cremated remains burials per grave space
  • One cremated remains or one infant burial per partial grave
  • A completed Burial Right Assignment Form is the best way for an original owner (a married couple exercises joint ownership) or their heirs to clearly define whether a burial space will be used for full-body burial or cremated remains, and by whom. This Form can be completed with no charge by contacting the appropriate Cemetery Office. This work can be done by mail too.
    Our pricing for graves is simple and categorized as follows —
      Flush Marker Grave Privileges
    The memorial must remain level with the ground. Decorations may be placed in a permanent in-ground vase during spring, summer and fall. Winter decorations are allowed on a cemetery tripod or similar stand. A marker may include more than one grave.
      Raised Marker Grave Privileges
    The memorial can rise out of the ground. Raised marker and monument privileges vary from section to section, cemetery to cemetery. Annual or perennial plantings are allowed on three sides of the memorial, as well as permanent in-ground vases.
      Grave, Burial Fee and Memorial Packages
    Packages are available that include two raise marker graves, a preinstalled raised marker or monument along with burial service fees. Preinstalled perennials or other plantings may be included. Other decoration privileges and options will vary.

    We have eight different cemeteries each with many grave locations and options, you can inquire about grave interment or initiate a purchase of a grave by calling or visiting any of our cemeteries to talk with a Family Service Counselor. You can request more information here. However you approach us, we wish to make a full disclosure of all your options and their costs.

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