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Written With Love

Excerpts from Memory Books


Throughout our Mausoleum chapels and corridors are open Memory Books. These blank books offer a place for writing memories, sharing the sadness of loss and separation, expressing hope, connecting.

We are publishing some of the pointed, profound, poignant, personal and prayerful pieces written in these books over these past months and years.

We hope you will find them inspirational, insightful and interesting. They may provide you with help and support along the journey of grief you are currently walking. These words can help you to know you are not alone and isolated, even if the journey is intensely personal. The common experiences and feelings of the grieving can offer support and linkage amongst the bereaved.

Items Twelve through Twenty posted on August 17, 2004.

Hi Honey,
Happy Fathers Day! God, I miss you so VERY MUCH & LOVE YOU VERY MUCH.
I talk to you and pray to you every day. I know you're watching over ALL OF US.
Life isn't the same without you.
Love you Honey,
Your lonely wife, B.

Hello Dad,
Well, it's been two years since you left us. It's still really hard for the whole family. We just wanted you to know that we think about you all the time. Continue to look after us. We love and miss you much.
Love always, B. N. & K.

Hello My Love,
This Wednesday would have been 4 yrs for us. Oh, how I miss you. Life these past 7 months has been the hardest part of my life. I miss you every day, not an hour goes by where I don't think of you. Please look out for me and Sissy and all the rest of the family. Don't forget to save me a seat right next to you. I love you with all my heart.
Your soulmate, D.

Hi, P.
I miss you so much!!!! I consider myself a very lucky father to have had such a wonderful daughter like you. Thank you for 26 great years, I only wish you could have been here stopped longer. I am very proud of you, and have always been proud of you; I only wish I told you that more often. You are always going to be in my heart. I know we will be together again, but until then, I will be think of you and missing seeing you and talking to you. I love you forever!
Love, Dad

Came to see you today. Please ask Jesus to hear my prayers for a job soon. I love you very much. I will be here to see you again soon. Love ya lots, Dad.
Love, T.
Please ask God to take care of the family.

Hi B,
A lot has been going on, things change--seasons change, days go by, but one thing that doesn't change is my love for you. I really miss you so much. You are in my thoughts in all that I do. Say HI to my Mom for me. Tell here I'll see her in April. I here with A. Very cold.
Until next time, A.C.

Dear Mom,
I can't believe it's been a year. The hardest part is no longer having a mother here on earth to talk to. But I feel your presence from heaven and know you are watching over us. I'm trying to accept the way in which you became ill and died, but I'm afraid that will take a while. I'm watching over everyone the best I can, but I know I am powerless over their lives. I hope you welcomed Bo to your kingdom a few weeks ago. Someday we'll all be together again.
Love, M.

Hi Dad,
It's been 2 wks since you've gone, but it seems so much longer. J. & I miss you so much. We talk about you and Momma all the time. I can't think straight--just seem to be going through the motions of living. Please help us to feel better. I know you are finally at peace and with Momma and your brothers and sisters. Please take care of us and I will come to see you again soon. S. misses you a lot and so does M. Pray for us. We love you.
B. J. S. & M.

Hi, Mom,
Happy Mothers Day and Happy Birthday also. Getting busy now in the yard, keeping up our gardening chores. Spring bulbs are beautiful this year. Was up to Door County over the weekend following in your footsteps. You loved it so. Chris and I reminisced quite a bit. You're in our thoughts always and we hope we're making you proud. See you again soon.
All our love,
C. & S.

Hi Ma,
I love and miss you, especially your voice. Please watch over Pa. He misses you too. I know, for sure, you are in heaven. It rained on Mothers Day. All the mothers' tears called out for peace. You are safe in God's arms and I know by now you have your wings -- "Angel First Class."
Love, C.

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Items One through Ten posted on July 8, 2004.

R. on this day 4 yrs. ago the angels were sent by Our Lord to get you to be with him. We are missing and loving you always.
Love you, L., your children and grandchildren.

Hi, Sweetheart
Stopped to say I love you and miss you very much. Nothing started yet on L's headstone.
All my love, always, K.

Hi, E., I was here on X-mas Day, but the place was closed. Not been feeling all that well. But if you're watching, I don't have to tell you. Miss the talks, and the get-together we used to have during the holidays. Always thinking of you. D.B.

Dear, I miss you very much. You were a wonderful husband and father, grandfather also great grandfather. We all love you. XOXO

Hi Mom,
Miss you. Keep dancing.
Love, C.

Happy "Fathers Day", G--
Still love you and miss you 5 years after you have gone to join our Lord. Still feel your presence and your large hands on my shoulders. Thank you for helping my Guardian Angel.
Love, D.

August 22, 2002
Dearest Mother in the World--
One month ago today and the pain is greater than ever. The angels are crying today. So am I. Miss you more than words can say. Pray for me.
Love, B.

Mom and Dad,
I truly miss you. I listen for your advice. You have helped recently and I again ask for your help. Watch over me. Love you.

Dear Dad,
It's been 3 yrs. now since we've talked, laughed or loved and kissed one another. But you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I know in my hear you are up there watching over and still protecting the family. I love and miss you deeply. But I know we'll be seeing each other again one day. Love always.
Your daughter, P.

We all love you down here. I think about you always. I get that Bible reading going so you have something to do. I love you and miss you. Grandma cried today at your grave, but I know that you are in heaven. Watch over me always. Lots of love. L.

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