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Silk Crypt Floral Arrangements
Permanent Bouquets

These florals are available for placement in a bronze crypt vase in all of our mausoleums. No other florals can be used on our crypts. The current price is $25, subject to change.

Cemetery personnel install all crypt florals; we will dispose of an arrangement already in the vase.

We will not remove or replace an arrangement that is discolored, weathered or unsightly, that is up to family or friends.

If you wish purchase a crypt bouquet:
    stop at one of our cemeteries to see the silk crypt bouquets and place your order--click here for list of our cemeteries with addresses, phones and faxes
    scroll down to view the sixteen options
    phone the appropriate cemetery with the name/s of the deceased
    write the appropriate cemetery with the name/s of the deceased
    copy the order form to purchase a spring/summer grave bouquet by mail — click here to download order blank.
Each transaction can be completed when all these are provided:
    the name, address and phone number of the purchaser
    a choice of grave bouquet
    full payment with cash or check (sorry, no credit cards)
    the name/s of the deceased, so we can find exact grave location.

Current Crypt Bouquet Options

C1F-1 Peach mix C1F-2 Cream mum, peach mix
C1F-3 Pink rosebuds C1F-4 Cream rosebuds
C1F-5 Red roses with mix C1F-6 Purple roses with mix
C1F-7 Red rosebuds C1F-8 Burgundy roses with mix
C1F-9 Pink lily, pink mix C1F-10 Blue and pink mix
C1F-11 Cream mum, dahlia mix C1F-12 Zinnias with multi-rose mix
C1F-13 Yellow rosebuds C1F-14 Red, white and blue mix
C1F-15 Fall color rose mix C1F-16 Ivory and blue rose mix

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