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Bronze Emblems

Angels Mary, Mother of Jesus
Children Medallions
Christ Praying Hands
Crosses & Crucifixes Roses
Doves Saints
Symbol of Faith Our Standards


Kneeling Angel
for Left Corner
No. 2074/S

Crypt/No. 2462
Niche/No. EB11

Kneeling Angel
for Right Corner
No. 2074/D

Flying Angel
for Left Corner
Crypt/No. 1134/S
Niche/No. 113407/SCU


Flying Angel
for Right Corner
Crypt/No. 1134/D
Niche/No. 113407/DCU

Boy Praying
No. 7155

Girl Praying
No. 7156

No. 1400

Christ with Halo
No. 2556

Christ with Thorns on Robe
No. EB03

Christ, The Sacred Heart
No. 2251

Christ with Thorns
No. 2097
Crosses & Crucifixes Return to top

Modern Cross
No. 2678

Cross with Roses
No. 2127

Small Cross
No. M-2

Small Crucifix
No. 4214

Modern Crucifix
No. 1774
Doves Return to top

Peace Dove
No. 2226

Lovebirds on Branch
No. 2002

for Left Corner
No. 2003

of Doves
No. 2005
Symbol of Faith Return to top

Holy Bible
No. EB09
Mary , the Mother of Jesus Return to top

No. 1713

No. 2098

Mary with Child Jesus
No. 1820

Mary with Adult Jesus
No. 2676

Our Lady of Czestochowa
No. 4296

Mary with Halo
No. 2558

Full Face
for Left Corner
No. 2412

Small Madonna
for Left Corner
No. 2347

Our Lady of Fatima
No. 4284

Our Lady of Guadalupe
No. 4282

Mary Praying
for Left Corner
No. 2304/S

Mary Praying
for Right Corner
No. 2304/D

Standing Madonna
No. 2642
Medallions Return to top

U.S. Air Force
No. 4174

U.S. Army
No. 4172

U.S. Coast Guard
No. 4170

Fire Fighter
No. 4494

Knights of Columbus
No. 4495

U.S. Marine Corps
No. 4173

U.S. Navy
No. 4171

Police Officer
No. 4493
Praying Hands Return to top

For Left Corner
Crypt/No. 2497/S
Niche/No. 249705/SCU

For Right Corner
Crypt/No. 2497/D
Niche/No. 249705/DCU
Roses Return to top

No. 2583

No. 2649

Roses in Hand
No. 2740
Saints Return to top

St. Ann
with the Child Mary
No. 4283

St. Anthony of Padua
with Christ Child
No. 4264

St. Francis of Assisi
No. 4280

St. Patrick of Ireland
No. 4186

St. Peter the Apostle
No. 4278

St. Thérèse of Lisieux
No. 4279


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