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Famous Burials

Jesus said,
My aim is to do not my own will, but the will of the One who sent me.
— John 5:30

It is not different for any of God's creation. A cloud, a tadpole, a block of granite, an icicle, a gnat, a tulip, a man, woman or child — all are intentionally created to do God's will in their particular manner, time and place. Doing God's will is our purpose during our earthly life and our destiny in eternal life.

There are many people buried within our cemeteries — church, political and business leaders — who have been celebrated for their work, possessions, fame, beauty and influence. In many cases, they have done God's will by greatly influencing the quality of life for many people in our community. We honor them and their earthly deeds and accomplishments in the Famous People section of our web site.

Most buried in our cemeteries, though gifted in their abilities and responsibilities, are little or never recognized by worldly standards. These people are not noted in newspaper accounts or history books, but they are people who did God's will in your life through love, patience, generosity, peace, hardships and duty. Your Famous People allows you to recognize, with gratitude, those "famous people" from your life's journey.

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