Enter the Last Name and/or First Name and/or Date of Death below. All or part of the Last Name is alone sufficient for a search. If the one you seek is not coming up, put in only the first few letters of names, since names can have various spellings or may have been entered incorrectly. The exact date of death can be a good means for searching.

Do not add space or punctuation between letters, so O'Brien is entered as obrien or Van Dyke as vandyke. Capitalization is not important.

The eight Archdiocesan Catholic Cemeteries are searched from 1857 to present; the cemetery of burial displays with each record. Some of the 130 parish-operated Catholic cemeteries in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee will also appear within the results.

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The Catholic Cemeteries update this database weekly. More recent burial information (additions or corrections) may take a few weeks to show up. Birth dates have only been gathered since about 2002. Factual or personal information about a person can be added below every detailed search results by using Tell Us More. The public information we can share is already provided on the website. The Catholic Cemeteries do not receive a death certificate nor do we have any more information in our files about a personís life, personality, relationships or family.

To submit corrections or ask for help in locating someone, write to genealogy@cemeteries.org

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